fault tolerance

The everRun FT® and MX® technology provide a high-availability and fault tolerant business continuity solution.

With everRun platforms you no longer have to take the risk of data loss in the event of a system failure.

EverRun supports any Windows application with no need for cluster system, scripting or modifications to applications or operating systems.

Using patented virtualization technology, everRun delivers the industry’s highest levels of availability for your servers and applications.
This system synchronizes two standard Windows servers to create a virtual application environment that runs on both servers simultaneously, allowing systems to continue running uninterrupted under any circumstance.

If a device or even an entire server fails, the Windows application continues to operate uninterrupted.

This virtual server looks and acts just like any other server, but it has the resiliency of two physical servers providing redundancy.

everRun is one single continuously available system.

everRun FT delivers system-level fault tolerance to protect mission-critical applications that cannot afford even a brief interruption in service. Organizations around the globe rely on these products to protect 32-bit Windows applications from outage or data loss.

everRun MX is the first software-based , fault tolerance solution that supports single, multi-processor and multi-core Microsoft applications.